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Introduction to J2EE

J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) is Java, optimized for enterprise computing. Officially J2EE stands for Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition. Unlike the traditional Java, which is often used to build client enhancements, J2EE is designed to build server applications. Officially, the J2EE platform is “a set of coordinated specifications and practices that together enable solutions for developing, deploying, and managing” such server applications. As an enterprise platform, the J2EE environment extends basic Java with tools that “provide a complete, stable, secure, and fast Java platform to the enterprise level.” One goal often stated by developers is that by using J2EE, they’re reducing the cost and complexity of creating large-scale solutions. Because Java is a strongly typed language (meaning that it requires data types to be used as specified), use of the language is often inherently more secure in Web applications than Web applications built with less strong typing (such as C or even PHP and Perl).

J2EE Contents

Duration: 9 Week / 2 Months

Advance JDBC Programming
Introduction to J2EE
Integrated Application Development
Java Server Technologies
Java Server Pages Technology
Enterprise JAVA Beans
RMI (Remote Method Invocation)
JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface)
EJB Fundamentals
Assignment and hands on live projects