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Introduction to PHP

Open Source PHP Training for the Beginning or Intermediate Student In this PHP class, you will learn basic to intermediate programming aspects of PHP–hypertext preprocessor. PHP is a versatile server-side programming language that works hand-in-hand with client-side Web languages such as HTML and JavaScript. PHP can be used to create all types of dynamic web interfaces, and because of its open-source robustness, has become one of the most widely used programming languages for the Internet. Upon completion of the course, you will earn 1 Certificate letter from Bel i.e. Bhuvi e-Learnings. This course counts toward both the Open Source Programming Certificate series and the PHP/SQL Programming Certificate series. From beginning to end, you will learn by doing their own PHP based projects. These projects, as well as the final project, will add to your portfolio and provide needed experience

PHP Content

Duration: 9 Week / 2 Months

Introduction of PHP and Basics
Decisions statement
Multiple Control Structures and Loops
PHP Functions and Variable Scopes
Arrays and Strings handling
Fixing Broken PHP
Forms in PHP
Utilizing Internet Tools
Date and Time
Using Files
Cookies & Sessions
Assignment and hand’s on live project