Spring & Hibernate

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Spring is a general purpose framework that can be used in parts or collectively. Main concepts proposed by Spring are Inversion of Control (IOC) and Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP). Apart from this, Spring provides Transaction Management support, Implementation of MVC for developing web applications, Template implementations for JDBC and ORM frameworks, facility to integrate enterprise services etc. The purpose of this course is to train Trainee in IOC and AOP implementaion of Spring as well to introduce them to Template and MVC implementation.

Course Contents:-

Introduction to Spring

Understanding Inversion of Control (IOC) and Dependency Injection (DI)
Spring Architecture
Implementation IOC in Spring
Understanding Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)
Implementing AOP in Spring
Introducing the Template Design Pattern
Simplifying Data Access using JDBC Template
Abstract Data Access Layer using DAO
Introduction to Spring MVC

Hibernate Content

Duration: 6 Week / 1.5 Months

Hibernate is widely used ORM framework. Basic functionality of an ORM framework is to persist objects of an application into database i.e. ORM frameworks free application developers from persistence logic so that they can concentrate on implementing the business logic. The purpose of this course is to provide in depth knowlege of Hibernate to the Trainees.
Course Contents:-
Introduction to ORM and Hibernate
Hibernate Architecture
Hibernate Configuration
Introduction to Session and SessionFactory
Persisting Objects using Hibernate
Inheritance Mapping
Bidirectional Association Mapping
Hibernate Query Language
Caching Introduction
Implementing Second Level Caching using EHCACHE
Integrating Spring & Hibernate
Integrating Struts & Hibernate
Integrating JPA & Hibernate